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 I'm Christina (also known as CP Style). I'm a journalist, writer and dreamer extraordinaire. So, what's with the nickname? I adopted this pseudonym many years ago when I began my  career. For me, its meaning is two-fold: first, CP (Canadian Press) Style refers to the definitive guide journalists in the country use to properly write stories. Second, I was born with cerebral palsy; this condition has defined my life, my personality, and how I interact with the world. So, I use this term proudly to describe myself and the way I live every day. That's just my CP Style!

I have been a freelance journalist for 14 years, writing for newspapers and magazines in southern Alberta and beyond. Throughout the years, I have had the privilege of meeting great people, having great conversations, and crafting great stories out of those conversations.  Here, I will showcase some of my best work. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Ahead By A Century

 Quirk Magazine

 March 2017


Photo courtesy Galt Museum & Archives

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